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Group Photo of Coaches at CrossFit Clay Center.

Ryan Sanneman

Ryan Sanneman is the Head Trainer of CrossFit Clay Center. He graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Kinesiology and Education. He obtained certifications to become an ACE Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer from the National Strength and Condition Association. 

Ryan found a love for fitness and health when he began lifting weights with a friend in 2000. Ryan became acquainted with Crossfit in 2009 as he was searching online for information to enhance training programs for his clients. He began training himself following the Crossfit methodology and eventually earned his Crossfit Level One Certification. 

Ryan has been training Crossfit clients for the past three years at the Mark A. Chapman Wellness Center. Ryan incorporates Crossfit principals to train all age ranges and physical abilities which enhances the overall health and performance of each individual. Athletes who are training for sports enhancement is one of his specialties. Ryan enjoys being an avid participant in the competitive aspect of Crossfit, competing in local competitions, and training for the Crossfit Open.

Leah Tsoodle

Leah Tsoodle grew up in Texas and worked on her family’s farm and ranch. Prior to entering the doctoral program at KSU, Leah received a B.S. degree in Agricultural Economics from Texas Tech University and earned a C.P.A. For the following seven years, she worked in the cotton industry and two years in the grain industry.

Since July of 2000, Leah earned her doctoral degree and has been the Director of the Land Use-Value Program in the Department of Agricultural Economics at K-State. Leah began teaching fitness classes at the Mark A. Chapman Wellness Center in Clay Center in 2009. She has taught step, 3-2-1, and free weight aerobic classes, and yoga classes.

Leah currently teaches Cardio Sculpt and yoga classes in at the Wellness Center, and she is very excited to teach CrossFit classes at the new CrossFit Clay Center facility. 

Alice Christensen

Alice Christensen, Manager, Dietary Department at Clay County Medical Center.  I am married with two children, and three grand children. I have always enjoyed all forms of exercise. Seventeen years ago I attended exercise classes at Slagle Fitness Studio and Exercise. The class included Step Aerobics and hand weights for muscle toning. I loved the class atmosphere and the body changing results.

Later, I joined the Wellness Center and attended classes in the Aerobic Room for several years. I began teaching a Basic Step and Sculpt class, and later a Boot Camp class and Aqua Aerobics.  When the Wellness Center sponsored a 5k race, I participated.  I was hooked, continuing to run more 5ks and on to future 10ks. Two years ago with the persuasion of a great friend I ran my first Half Marathon in Colorado. Running is one of the best ways to experience the great outdoors. As I have become more adventurous, I’ve tackled some Trail Runs, and then added the obstacles (which I love). Our bodies are made to move. That’s where the aspect of exercise starts, with that first step, and continues to be a life time commitment. The benefits are always positive.

I love to coach and encourage people to move forward and succeed with their goals. I attended several Cross Fit Classes and found that the quick Cardio and Strength Combo Bursts were so beneficial to my body. Cross Fit can be for anyone. It is a blend of everything I love, Aerobics, Strength Training, Endurance and Power.

Sam Spillman

Sam Spillman grew up in the tiny town of Republic, Kansas and has lived in Clay Center since 2007. Sam is a paramedic with Riley County EMS and has served with them since 2009. More recently he has had the honor of being selected as a Tactical Medic for Riley County’s SWAT team.

Several years ago due to a busy schedule, Sam had hit a period of inactivity with his exercise routine and had gotten to the heaviest he had ever been. With hypertension running in his family, he wanted to get in shape, but more importantly get healthy. After making lifestyle changes with diet, he committed to get fit.

Then Sam found CrossFit. He lost 60 pounds by using the constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement that defines CrossFit. He attributes CrossFit to helping him get selected for the special privilege of serving as a SWAT Medic. After Sam’s experiences, he is very passionate about helping people get and stay healthy. “Serving as a paramedic, I see so many people who could ease or alleviate many of the problems that plague them. I want to help people achieve there lifestyle and health goals.

CrossFit Clay Center Box Rules


Be on time, be consistent, practice technique, learn new skills & listen to coaches.

CrossFit is community driven. When it rains we all get wet, we may train as individuals but we workout as a community.

Once we are all done, only then put your gear away. Keep chalk in the bucket.

It's their job to inform, instruct and coach technique.

Coaches are here for you all the time. Ask questions & get answers.

Results reflect your nutrition and your training period. Keep it simple.

While we do take our training seriously, we want everyone to have some fun. We enjoy a laugh as much as you do.




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